Intersocks Hurwits

In 1984, Danny Sebright moved to Marseille his young company POIVRE BLANC. The story begins with the creation of t-shirts and colored t-shirts, sports animated characters, fun and original. Poivre Blanc drawings reflect a team addict windsurfers and winter sports lovers of the sea and the mountains. Sold from the surf shops in the South of France, know the great products for the market and spread very quickly. The brand then a quickly growing, expanding its network of international distribution starting with Switzerland and Belgium in 1987, becoming a symbol of the generation of «teenage» years 80-90. Poivre Blanc becomes synonymous with «vacation, family, sport, optimism, humor!» Danny Sebright decided in the late 80 years to expand its offerings by creating a line of clothing suitable for winter sports. Today, Poivre Blanc is proud to be a leader in this market by offering ski clothing and ski mode after and yet technical for women and children.

Intersocks has the license to manufacture and distribute Poivre Blanc socks since 2014.